by Aditya (@netroy) on Monday, 4 July 2011

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Technical level


Introduction to Websockets, AjaxPushEngine, SocketStream & Socket.IO ,

Bidirectional real-time messaging ,

Server sent events ,

& How easy it is to add real-time communication to any app & make it work on even IE6


In the session i'll demonstrate the ease of adding near real-time collaboration capabilities to any existing web-apps, without worrying about the browser support. Demo would explain various fallbacks used that let you support even IE5.5

Will be updating this soon for more details...


Some grey cells & some basic JS skills


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    [-] Raviteja (@raviteja20) 5 years ago

    You should also have to concentrate on an asynchronous server framework like tornado or node.js, otherwise the topic will be incomplete.

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      [-] Aditya (@netroy) Proposer 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago)

      @Raviteja Websockets/Comet are independent of frameworks or runtimes you choose. These are protocols with specs. You dont really need an async framework.

      Ajax Push Engine & Cometd have existed long before node.js came along. This talk is about the ease of adding realtime communication to everyday applications without worrying about browser support.

      PS: also has a protocol & has servers implemented in python & ruby too.

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