by Rakesh Pai (@rakeshpai) on Tuesday, 23 August 2011

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Technical level


Demo of Errorception - A high-performance, highly reliable and painless error tracking service for in-browser JavaScript errors.

I'll also talk about some of the motivations and challenges in designing this system, which has been built end-to-end on a JS stack.


Usually you get no insight into the user's browser when JS errors occur. Errorception's goal is to give some information about errors as they occur on the client in near-realtime.

Unlike most other JS error tracking systems which usually end up sucking the juices out of the user's browser, errorception has zero performance cost, both at load time and runtime. Errorception is also very reliable by design in a very interesting way. I'll be talking about how this has been achieved.

I plan to start with a demo, then talk about the design goals and how they were achieved, and about challenges and fun times working with a pure JS stack.