by Gaurav Vaish (@mastergaurav) on Thursday, 8 September 2011

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To learn and see effective techniques of building great HTML5 based solo, multiplayer / social games - how about Quake2 in browser?


Web based games today are more popular than console based games. Zynga is working on HTML5 version of their games.

So, what are the effective techniques of creating HTML5 based games?

The session will take through some techniques of creating "engaging" and "social" games. Will have a look at some working games. And the code will be all yours :)

Have you guys played Quake2 using HTML5?


Get a laptop with you, just in case you want to try out a few things with you, and equip it with: - HTML 5 browsers: Fx 4+, Chrome 10+ (WebGL is great!) - jQuery, JS3D - Optionally, Eclipse with GWT 2.3 and GPE


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    [-] Gaurav Vaish (@mastergaurav) Proposer 5 years ago

    I'll be uploading some refs + slides by the weekend.

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