by Nikhil Marathe (@nikhilm) on Wednesday, 23 November 2011

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Technical level



Participants should have enough knowledge of V8 embedding to be able to write JavaScript bindings to their native libraries.


node.js is quickly becoming a great server-side platform. Similarly JavaScript is being used as a 'scripting language' in programs like CouchDB. Many services require access to native APIs (streaming protocols, extracting file meta-data, graphics). This requires a binding to be written from C/C++ to JS using facilities provided by the JavaScript engine so that JavaScript can access these APIs.

This talk will introduce writing bindings to C/C++ libraries using the V8 engine. Common idioms will be explained.


Participants should know both JavaScript and C++ with basic knowledge of UNIX/Linux

Speaker bio

Nikhil Marathe has been experimenting with node.js since the year it came out. In his experiments he has written bindings to libface - a face detection library - demoed at Mugshot. His bindings to TagLib are being used by AudioBox2 to extract meta-data from uploaded audio files.

He has previously talked about bindings in QtScript (from Qt to JavaScript) at 2011. Nikhil was a Google Summer of Code Student in 2010, and worked as an intern at Mozilla Corp in 2011 (working on the SpiderMonkey engine).

He is a final year student at DA-IICT, where he usually plays a lot of sports, goes on walking binges, and finds time to inject some fun into people's lives.