by Aditya (@netroy) (proposing) on Friday, 23 December 2011

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Introduction to varions JS binding for desktop toolkits. Not going to cover any mobile related content.


JS is a language designed around Async concepts.

With Closures & Callbacks, JS is an excellant choice for building apps that have a lot of user-interaction and/or network/disk IO.

The talk should cover

  1. WebView wrappers like Titanium Appcelerator.
  2. GTK3 JS binding like GJS or Seed .. (Gnome-Shell uses GJS)
  3. QML

So If you a web-developer & experienced enough with Client-Side or Server-Side JS, & don't like that particular app on your linux machine, Its about time you built your own.

You don't need to learn Python, Vala, C etc. just to build desktop apps anymore.


Basic understanding of JS syntax, Closures & Callbacks

Speaker bio

I'm an EcmaScripter