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How to apply BDD and TDD practices, using Jasmine library?

Submitted by Anil Tarte (@aniltarte) on Monday, 9 January 2012


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Learning technics, to apply BDD and TDD where business logic is coded in Javascript, introduction to the Jasmine library.


Agile practitioners today are comfortable with applying practices such as behaviour-driven development (BDD) and test-driven development (TDD) to incrementally build robust, object-oriented code in server-side environments like Java and C#.

Increasingly, however, development teams are being asked to deliver highly-interactive rich internet web applications that present information in visually exciting ways. As application-logic necessarily moves from the server-side to the web browser, agile development teams are faced with the dilema of leaving behind the techniques and tools they are comfortable with, in pursuit of the compelling user-experience that their customers want.

This need not be the case. In this tutorial/demo, I will show you how to apply BDD and TDD to incrementally build a rich internet application based on OO Javascript, HTML5 and CSS, utilising framework Jasmine.

I will be using a real-world application(HeatMap) from the trading domain for this tutorial, where I will also make use of new technologies such as websockets and knockout.js.

The focus of the exercise is on applying BDD and TDD to writing object-oriented Javascript code.


Basic knowledge of Javascript language and writing it in object oriented way. Awareness of BDD and/or TDD practices, will ease the learning.

Speaker bio

A Software Developer, practicing agile development practices in server side and in client side technologies from last 5 years, Always focus on writing simple, clean and object oriented code, currently involved in developing rich, real time internet web application for trading domain in a distributed environment.



http://expertalks.eventbrite.com/ (Will share it soon, it will be a short walk-through of this workshop)


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    Anil Tarte (@aniltarte) Proposer 6 years ago

    I will add slides soon, it would be a walk-through of the workshop "EXPERTALKS - Applying Agile dev practices to implement Rich Internet Apps"

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