by Hage Yaapa (@hacksparrow) on Wednesday, 21 August 2013

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Crisp Talk

Technical level



Introducing Talking Image - the JavaScript library to 'unmute' GIF animations.


Ever wished you could add a piece of sound to a GIF animation? Talking Image makes it possible now on all modern browsers. See it to believe it.

The project has been published on GitHub, check it out.

Let me share how I came up with the concept and how it was implemented. In the process I demonstrate how to think like a hacker and show some slick JS-fu.


A laptop to confirm what you are seeing and hearing is real.

Speaker bio

Hage Yaapa is a contributing developer of Express, the web development framework for Node.js, and the author of "Express Web Application Development", published by Packt. He has been hacking computers since 1997. Yaapa is an architect at Sourcebits.


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