by Pratik Bothra (@pratik60) on Friday, 31 July 2015

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Technical level


With javascript being everywhere, the integration of javascript at server, db, client level was bound to happen. It is imperative to start out with the right boilerplate/framework, and I want to talk about why might be the right choice for you, with its contstantly evolving ecosystem, and a healthy package repository.


During the session, I will be talking about how the different components come together in the ecosystem, how authorization, permission system are baked in, and allow you to build things that are native to your app and not reinventing the wheel. Would specially focus on how packages give the edge over other frameworks.
We could quickly try and build a package, and contribute to Will quickly demo of things that are built on and also briefly touch upon why may not be the right framework for you.

Speaker bio

I am a core contributor in, and have pioneered the first packages that went into the ecosystem. I am an open source maniac, and would love to talk about my learnings from my intro into the world of as I’ve been heavily involved into the future and building of