by Dron Rathore (@dronrathore) on Friday, 31 July 2015

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Technical level



To let the audience know about the potential of NodeJS and how we at are utilising it to its best. To achieve a web app server time of < 1ms is a soul goal of this project.


We at Housing are been playing around with NodeJS from quite a long time and we have studied peculiar trends around it. Recently with our migration of complete Front End Application Server from Rails to NodeJS we have learned a lot and we would love to share the experience with the JS community and those who are looking forward to NodeJS for their cutting edge production apps. From typical trends of cutting Infra cost to Cutting the Load Times of clients and our future goals of “Project Flash”!


Working knowledge of NodeJS
Curiosity to know about Production Ready behaviour of NodeJS

Speaker bio

Dron Rathore is currently leading the NodeJS Team and Front End Automation Team at Housing, and I personally can’t write much of sugar quoted lines about myself.