by Yash Dayal (@slashcomdot) on Thursday, 11 August 2016

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Technical level


This talk will focus on my experience with building a telerobot powered by Javascript. Node.JS has become a unanimous choice for most new technology projects. I believe Robotics/ IOT is the next frontier which will be dominated by Javascript as it provides better support for better UX and inter-operatablity when compared to traditional languages like C


  • Introduction to Arduino, Raspberry Pi
  • Running Node.JS on Raspberry Pi
  • Using Johnny Five to control Arduino
  • Takeaways from building a robot powered by Javascript.
  • Popular javascript libraries for robotics and their pros/cons

Speaker bio

Yash Dayal has over a decade experience in working with internet technologies. Yash is a currently employed with Myntra. Prior to Myntra, He has worked in Yahoo Labs, Hyves (Amsterdam) and InfoEdge India Ltd ( In his spare time he likes to watch movies, read books and tinker with Arduino projects.