by Anirudh Modi (@anirudhmodi) on Thursday, 11 August 2016

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Technical level


The term Prototype in Javascript, is ambiguous in nature, and since Prototype are the foundation for inheritance in Javascript, it becomes very important :

  • To have a clear view on what Prototype of an object is
  • Why there is a confusion around Prototype
  • How they help us survive in our daily code,
  • How they play a key role in implementing inheritance.

Through this talk I wish to help my fellow developers, understand what Prototype are, and then they can go on to learn inheritance in more easier way.

NOTE : This talk will not cover a detail view on how inheritance is done in Javascript, nor will it speak about object oriented programming in Javascript.


Speaker bio

I consider myself as a beginner, even though I have been working as a Javascript developer for approx 2 years.
Because as a beginner, I have the egarness to dig into things as deeply as I could, and recently I have myself, fallen into the trap of Prototype, which took the pain of numerous tabs, scribbled paper, and some sleepless nights, to figure out what Prototype means in Javascript!