by Curran Kelleher (@curran) on Monday, 15 August 2016

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Technical level



I’d like to share some interactive data visualizations I have made using D3.js, and discuss future directions for Open Source work including building with React and D3 together.


  • Background Material
  • DOM Manipulation with D3
  • D3 API Docs
  • Things I’ve Made
  • A sample of around 5 visualization projects built using D3.
  • Dealing with Scale
  • Alternatives for managing large scale data
    • Sampling
    • Filtering
    • Aggregation
  • The Magic of Data Cubes
    • Slicing, Dicing
    • Drill-down
  • Case Study: ElasticSearch
    • Demo of Kibana-Chord plugin in action
    • Walk through the visualization code
    • Walk through the aggregation query generator


Basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, and Data Manipulation.

Speaker bio

Passionate about data visualization, data exploration, interactive graphics and Open Source. Specializing in design and development of interactive data visualizations for the Web. Also interested in data analysis, data presentation user interfaces, and (when required) full-stack Web development.


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    [-] Swateek Jena (@swateek) a year ago

    This is something that our startup was struggling a small time back, would love to attend this or connect offline over this.

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