by Vinci Rufus (@vinci) on Thursday, 4 August 2016

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Status: Confirmed & Scheduled
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Technical level


The Talk will cover various steps and techniques on how you can improve the performance of your Angular2 App and also reduce its memory footprint.


Some of the topics we’ll cover are:

  • How Angular2 is faster than Angular 1.x out of the box.

  • Using TypeScript to improve productivity in teams.

  • Leveraging web workers in your Angular App.

  • Using the template compiler to reduce the app footprint.

  • Using Service Workers to improve performance in flaky mobile connections.

  • Server side Rendering to Improve Time to First Byte.

Speaker bio

Vinci Rufus is a Director of eXperience Technologies at SapientNitro. He is also a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies.

He enjoys interacting with the Frontend community and has had the privilege at talking at JSFoo and Metarefresh in the past.


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    [-] Leslie Samuel (@leslielees) a year ago

    Cool Topic…

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