15–16 September 2017, Bangalore
Status: Accepting votes

About the conference: JSFoo is a JavaScript conference hosted by HasGeek.

Theme this year: The broad theme this year is going to be Building Reliable Web Apps. Please refer to the Topics section below for the subject of talks and workshops we are looking for.


We are inviting proposals for:
Full-length 40 minute talks.
Crisp 15 minute talks.
Sponsored sessions, of 15 minutes and 40 minutes duration (limited slots available; subject to editorial scrutiny and approval).
Hands-on Workshop sessions, 3 and 6 hour duration.

Selection process

Proposals will be filtered and shortlisted by an Editorial Panel. Please make sure to add links to videos / slide decks when submitting proposals. This will help us understand your speaking experience and delivery style. Blurbs or blog posts covering the relevance of a particular problem statement and how it is tackled will help the Editorial Panel better judge your proposals. We might contact you to ask if you’d like to repost your content on the official conference blog.

We expect you to submit an outline of your proposed talk – either in the form of a mind map or a text document or draft slides within two weeks of submitting your proposal.

Selection Process Flowchart

You can check back on this page for the status of your proposal. We will notify you if we either move your proposal to the next round or if we reject it. Selected speakers must participate in one or two rounds of rehearsals before the conference. This is mandatory and helps you to prepare well for the conference.

A speaker is NOT confirmed a slot unless we explicitly mention so in an email or over any other medium of communication.

There is only one speaker per session. Entry is free for selected speakers. As our budget is limited, we prefer speakers from locations closer home, but will do our best to cover for anyone exceptional. HasGeek provides these limited grants where applicable: two international travel and accommodation grants, three domestic travel and accommodation grants. Grants are limited and made available to speakers delivering full sessions (40 minutes or longer). Speaker travel grants will be given in order of preference to students, women, persons of non-binary genders, and individuals for Asia and Africa first.


Updated (19 April 2017): We are currently looking for talks in the following topics:

Testing: Testing tools and strategies; test driven development and testing culture; continuous integration and testing workflows; and case studies around testing your application.

Performance optimization: Performance analysis tools and techniques; best practices for building performant applications; browser, NodeJS, and framework internals; network protocols; and performance case studies.

Debugging: Tools for locating and fixing bugs in JavaScript applications; real world post-mortems of bugs that affected your organization; and using telemetry for debugging.

Immutability, type checking, and alternative programming languages: Alternatives to vanilla JavaScript; functional programming and immutability; types and type systems; and real-world case studies of introducing alternative programming languages and tools in your organization.

Build tooling: Build tools and automation, including task runners, linters, JavaScript bundlers, CSS pre- and post-processors, continuous integration tools, static analysis tools, and optimization tools.

Crash and performance monitoring: Monitoring applications for crashes and performance issues while in production.

Commitment to open source

HasGeek believes in open source as the binding force of our community. If you are describing a codebase for developers to work with, we’d like for it to be available under a permissive open source licence. If your software is commercially licensed or available under a combination of commercial and restrictive open source licences (such as the various forms of the GPL), please consider picking up a sponsorship. We recognise that there are valid reasons for commercial licensing, but ask that you support us in return for giving you an audience. Your session will be marked on the schedule as a “sponsored session”.

Important dates

Deadline for submitting proposals: 15 June 2017

Conference dates: 15–16 September 2017


For more information about speaking proposals, tickets and sponsorships, contact info@hasgeek.com or call +91 76763 32020.

Note: We aren’t accepting any new talks.

Confirmed sessions

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 And The Reason Is You
Neehar Venugopal (@neeharv) Crisp Talk Intermediate 1 0 Sun, 10 Sep
2 Choosing Vue.js  
Rahul Kadyan (@rahulkadyan) Crisp Talk Intermediate 1 2 Fri, 8 Sep
3 Scaling NodeJS  
Abhinav Rastogi (@arastogi) Full Talk Advanced 2 0 Fri, 8 Sep
4 10x Faster Mobile App Dev with PureScript  
Vimal Kumar (@vimalkumar) Crisp Talk Intermediate 1 0 Fri, 8 Sep
5 Progressive Web Games
Prateek Bhatnagar (@prateekbh) Full Talk Intermediate 1 0 Thu, 7 Sep
6 Safety not Guaranteed  
Riyaz Walikar (@riyazw) Full Talk Intermediate 1 0 Fri, 1 Sep
7 Building a PWA using Polymer    
Ashrith Kulai (@ashrithkulai) Full Talk Intermediate 18 2 Fri, 28 Jul
8 Modular-services in a Nodejs Monolith    
Naval Saini (@navalsaini) Full Talk Intermediate 3 2 Sun, 23 Jul
9 Great Developer Experience with Angular
Vinci Rufus (@vinci) Full Talk Intermediate 1 0 Fri, 14 Jul
10 Building Immersive Virtual Reality experiences quickly with WebVR  
Ram Vaishnav (@gurumukhi) Workshop Intermediate 3 0 Thu, 15 Jun
11 Scheduling background tasks in JavaScript to boost performance and DOM interactivity at large scale.    
Vivek Jagtap (@vivekjagtap011) Full Talk Intermediate 17 4 Thu, 15 Jun
12 Demand Driven Applications with GraphQL
Vinci Rufus (@vinci) Full Talk Intermediate 6 2 Wed, 14 Jun
13 Reactive web applications using Meteor  
Sapna Upreti (@sapna14) Crisp Talk Intermediate 5 0 Mon, 22 May
14 Demystifying Web Components as the Weapon for Web Convergence    
Rahat Khanna (@mappmechanic) Full Talk Intermediate 18 0 Fri, 19 May
15 Tiny Computers, JavaScript and MIDI
George Mandis (@georgemandis) Full Talk Intermediate 7 3 Wed, 15 Mar
16 TypeScript all the things!    
Prashant Tiwari (@prashaantt) Full Talk Intermediate 16 4 Wed, 8 Feb

Unconfirmed proposals

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Your Browser on My Virtual Machine    
Ean Schuessler (@eanschuessler) Full Talk Intermediate 1 0 Sun, 10 Sep
2 How Do I Get A Web Developer Job At Facebook Or Google In 6 Months?
Abhimanyu Saxena (@asxna) Full Talk Advanced 4 4 Sat, 29 Jul
3 Declarative programming: Why and how to write functional code using ES6
Nikhil Khullar (@ongakugene) Full Talk Intermediate 3 1 Fri, 28 Jul
4 Welcome to the world of Types & more
Neha Sharma (@hellonehha) Full Talk Intermediate 4 2 Fri, 28 Jul
5 Need to build a Rule Engine from scratch
Shrey Agarwal (@shreyagarwal) Full Talk Intermediate 3 4 Thu, 27 Jul
6 Microsoft Teams - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Modularizing a large, monolithic single page application while remaining agile.
Darshat Shah (@dshah) Full Talk Intermediate 6 3 Thu, 27 Jul
7 React-Native and friends - We will chat about and build an app
Arif Amirani (@kontinuity) Full Talk Beginner 1 1 Thu, 27 Jul
8 Enterprise App Migration from Angular 1.x to React
Krishna (@krishnaxv) Full Talk Intermediate 1 1 Fri, 21 Jul
9 Building Enterprise Apps with React, GraphQL and Jest
Krishna (@krishnaxv) Full Talk Intermediate 1 1 Thu, 20 Jul
10 Divide and Conquer Large applications using modules and angular 4
Somil Kumar (@somilkumar) Full Talk Intermediate 2 3 Thu, 13 Jul
11 Managing your online presence on Google Search
Syed Malik Mairaj (@syedmalikmairaj) (proposing) Full Talk Beginner 2 0 Thu, 6 Jul
12 Creating Experiences using Javascript : Looking beyond website, apps and chatbots  
Samarth Shah (@samarthshah) Crisp Talk Intermediate 4 2 Wed, 5 Jul
13 Real time chat engine and client
Mukesh Sharma (@staticmukesh) Workshop Intermediate 4 2 Fri, 16 Jun
14 Building offline webapps that works in intermittent internet conditions using serviceWorkers
Hari Krishna Kanchi (@hariuser) Crisp Talk Intermediate 2 3 Fri, 16 Jun
15 Content Security Policy to the Rescue    
Dheeraj Joshi (@djadmin) Full Talk Intermediate 1 2 Thu, 15 Jun
16 How we serve multiple clients through single react app?
Abhishek Nair (@abhishek1nair) Crisp Talk Intermediate 1 1 Thu, 15 Jun
17 Web Extension: Browser Add-on that Works Cross-Browser  
VISWAPRASATH KS (@iamvp7) Full Talk Intermediate 1 3 Thu, 15 Jun
18 Virtual DOM, Real Problems
Navin Pai (@lifeofnavin) Crisp Talk Intermediate 11 1 Thu, 15 Jun
19 Building high performance web applications using Vuejs
Vipul Bhavsar (@vipulbhavsar) Crisp Talk Intermediate 17 1 Thu, 15 Jun
20 App Development with Framework 7
Radhika Subramanian (@radsomkar) Crisp Talk Beginner 2 4 Thu, 15 Jun
21 Interactively visualizing complex data using JS
Jonathan Pereira (@jonathan) Crisp Talk Beginner 4 2 Thu, 15 Jun
22 Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) in BookMyShow  
imparvezshaikh (@prezshaikh) Crisp Talk Intermediate 15 4 Thu, 15 Jun
23 Incremental Software Development with Microservies  
Karl Hughes (@karllhughes) Full Talk Intermediate 5 3 Wed, 14 Jun
24 Testing Layers in a Distributed Architecture  
Karl Hughes (@karllhughes) Full Talk Intermediate 2 0 Wed, 14 Jun
25 Animating Dragons with JavaScript    
Prashant (@prashantsani) Full Talk Beginner 5 5 Wed, 14 Jun
26 Robust UI development with ClojureScript    
Sandilya Jandhyala (@jysandy) Full Talk Intermediate 1 5 Wed, 14 Jun
27 Importance of testing & Right way to test React components    
manjula dube (@manjulad) Crisp Talk Intermediate 41 2 Wed, 14 Jun
28 Making your own Chrome Extension  
Saptak Sengupta (@saptaks) Crisp Talk Beginner 7 2 Wed, 14 Jun
29 Trends in Async Javascript    
Mayank Verma (@knayam91) Full Talk Intermediate 6 3 Tue, 13 Jun
30 Test Automation for Nodejs Application - Learn the Cloud Way    
Abhinav Shroff (@abhinavshroff) Full Talk Beginner 1 3 Tue, 13 Jun
31 I didn’t know the browser could do that!  
Sam Bellen (@sambego) Full Talk Beginner 3 0 Wed, 7 Jun
32 Understanding JavaScript Security    
Dheeraj Joshi (@djadmin) Full Talk Intermediate 8 4 Mon, 5 Jun
33 Building applications for the next billion users  
Siddharth Kshetrapal (@sidkp) Full Talk Intermediate 23 0 Sat, 3 Jun
34 VueJS: Getting Started With VueJS    
Rajan Chandi (@rajanmaker) Full Talk Intermediate 5 6 Sat, 3 Jun
35 Developing Websites for Low Bandwidth Markets  
Nikhil John (@nikjohn) Full Talk Intermediate 15 0 Fri, 2 Jun
36 All I Wish I Knew About Mobile App Development
Kritika Maheshwari (@mozkri) Full Talk Intermediate 2 2 Wed, 31 May
37 Hybrid Mobile Development with Oracle JET  
rohit dhamija (@dhamijarohit) Full Talk Beginner 1 0 Wed, 31 May
38 WebRTC - future of Video Chats  
Trishul Goel (@trishul) Full Talk Beginner 1 0 Wed, 31 May
39 JavaScript Design Patterns    
Sumit Jolly (@sumitjolly) Full Talk Intermediate 24 6 Mon, 29 May
40 How to Speed Up Your UX with Skeleton Screens
Chris Lienert (@cliener) Full Talk Intermediate 3 3 Mon, 22 May
41 Improving Build Solutions: Dependency Management With Webpack  
Neha Nivedita (@niveditn) Full Talk Intermediate 4 1 Mon, 22 May
42 Transition from Monolithic to Microservices Architecture  
MAYANK AWASTHI (@mayankawasthi07) Full Talk Intermediate 1 0 Mon, 22 May
43 Service Workers and the Role They Play in Modern-Day Web Apps  
Mukul Jain (@mukul1904) Full Talk Intermediate 5 1 Mon, 22 May
44 Oblivion and JavaScript - The nuances of security
Shreyansh Pandey (@weirdpanda) Crisp Talk Intermediate 2 0 Sat, 20 May
45 Building web apps using Ember Js    
Dilpreet Singh (@geekyd) Full Talk Intermediate 3 0 Thu, 18 May
46 AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages
Naresh Negi (@naresh699) Crisp Talk Beginner 2 1 Tue, 16 May
47 Learning Webpack - One step at a time  
Vijay Dharap (@dharapvj) Full Talk Beginner 4 0 Tue, 9 May
48 making modern websites  
Patrick Kettner (@patrickkettner) Full Talk Intermediate 2 0 Mon, 8 May
49 Voice on the web  
Vamsidhar Bethanabatla (@vamsib) Full Talk Intermediate 12 4 Thu, 4 May
50 What web can do today  
Prathik S (@awebdevloper) Crisp Talk Beginner 1 2 Sat, 29 Apr
51 You can't escape from DevOps - What's in it for an eXperience Technologist
Geeyavudeen Musthafa (@gmusthafa) Full Talk Intermediate 3 0 Wed, 26 Apr
52 Choose right IoT Platform
parag gajjar (@paraggajjar) Full Talk Intermediate 1 2 Tue, 25 Apr
53 Type check your JS codebase with Flow
Vagmi Mudumbai (@vagmi) Full Talk Intermediate 11 1 Sat, 22 Apr
54 Javascript in Internet of Things
Amjad M (@amjadm61) Full Talk Beginner 3 1 Tue, 18 Apr
55 Generating a static web app using Git and securing it using OWASP    
Shrimadhav U K (@spechide) Workshop Intermediate 14 3 Wed, 12 Apr
56 Isomorphic javascript with ebay's markojs    
Rajat (@rtalwar26) Full Talk Beginner 17 0 Tue, 11 Apr
57 Best Practices for Continuous Delivery of Javascript/Node and Angular Porjects
Monika (@msikri) Full Talk Intermediate 7 1 Tue, 21 Mar
58 RxJS Observables & Angular2 HTTP  
Sudipta Sen (@sanborn) Full Talk Intermediate 15 2 Mon, 13 Mar
59 Maybe you don't need a React or Angular to build single page
Bharat Soni (@iison) Intermediate 9 0 Fri, 10 Mar
60 Building next generation progressive web apps with Isomorphic JavaScript  
Naren Arya (@narenarya) Full Talk Intermediate 18 0 Sun, 5 Mar
61 WebRTC Demystified
Dhruva Sagar (@dhruvasagar) Intermediate 7 1 Thu, 2 Mar
62 Applying NASA coding guidelines to JavaScript or airspace is closer than you may think    
Denis Radin (@denisradin) Beginner 13 0 Mon, 20 Feb
63 Loop like an ES6 Native
Lakshman Prasad (@becomingguru) Full Talk Intermediate 7 2 Thu, 9 Feb
64 How to switch enterprise level AngularJS 1.x app to 2.0
Souvik Basu (@souvikbasu) Advanced 5 1 Wed, 8 Feb
65 How to make Web Component work in production?
Souvik Basu (@souvikbasu) Intermediate 6 0 Wed, 8 Feb
66 Deep Dive with ES6 and 7
Shreyansh Pandey (@weirdpanda) Intermediate 8 0 Tue, 7 Feb
67 WebVR : Dive into another world on Web    
Shivang Shekhar (@geekyshiva) Beginner 7 3 Thu, 2 Feb
68 Turning Sensors into Actions: IoT for humans with Javascript
Rabimba Karanjai (@rabimba) Intermediate 4 1 Thu, 12 Jan
69 State of WebVR and how you create your reality using aframe!
Rabimba Karanjai (@rabimba) Intermediate 4 1 Thu, 12 Jan
70 Hardware Description and Emulation using JavaScript    
Mayank Badola (@mbad0la) Full Talk Intermediate 26 0 Mon, 9 Jan